Mission, Vision & values of PSRM Re-rolling Mills Ltd.


Vison of Premier Re-rolling Mills Ltd. We endeavor to be universally recognized as a leading and constantly growing force in the steel industry to the region by admiring our business culture, building value for customers and bringing inspiration to our people.


Mision of Premier Re-rolling Mills Ltd. PSRM believes to be a World-class steel manufacturer and service provider in Bangladesh steel industry and we do our level best to provide outstanding services to our customers. We continuously add value in our products based on the user feedbacks to improve stability and reliability of our end product.

  • To maintain the ethical standard and create optimum value to clients.
  • To deliver the international standard steel products in Bangladesh market.
  • To enter the market with strong brand value and production capacity
  • To bring the new concept into the customer’s mind regarding marketing policy, branding & sales promotion and excellent customer service.
  • To maximize not only the sales volume or net profit but also to supply excellent value of products
  • To contribute to the society for long run through the involvement in corporate social responsibilities
  • To maintain our position as an employer of choice for the best talent by providing Professional growth opportunities and competitive rewards, thereby reflecting the value in local as well as the international job market.


Value of Premier Re-rolling Mills Ltd. PSRM lives and works by pursuing some core values which makes this company as a family. Each of the employees is a family member of the organization. Our attention where employees are our power, customers are our brand representative, and suppliers are our value chain. We believe in PSRM core values as under…

Integrity – In order to be successful we believe in integrity, and it is based on our ability to communicate honestly and consistently.
Teamwork – Each of our staffs are determined to achieve the individual mission and vision of the team. In order to achieve this goal we realize that we can only succeed by supporting each other in a respectful and mutually supportive manner.
Pride – Each of us perform our work in a manner in which we are proud of what we do individually as well as collectively as a company. We take accountability and ownership for our individual work and therefore take pride in the work we produce as a company.
Facts – We apply logic and knowledge in the decision making process. We communicate the facts to employees, our customers and ourselves.
Transparent – We like to be transparent in the environment of steel business and also expect a positive response, brand loyalty & best services for our loyal clients.